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Parent's Role

​"The most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents." Jane D. Hull

Central to our philosophy of early childhood education, and overwhelmingly supported by current research, is the belief that parental education and involvement play crucial roles in assuring a child’s success, both in school and in life.

Parents bring unique understanding of their children to the classroom, and with this knowledge, teachers and parents can work together to create learning experiences that meet the needs of each child.

Parents at Kids’ Co-op assist teachers in the classroom two or three times a month. They also attend monthly group meetings during which teachers discuss the philosophy and reasoning behind specific educational practices, and address age and family related parenting concerns. Additionally, parents attend a 6 week parenting class offered by Kids’ Co-op.

For a more complete look at what is required of our parents, please download a copy of our Parent Participation document.

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