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Parent Education

​"Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children."  
Charles R. Swindoll

"As a parent cooperative, our emphasis on parent education and family involvement make Kids’ Co-op a place where parents and children learn and find a supportive community."

"Children are not the only ones who grow and learn at Kids’ Co-op. Participating parents/guardians have the opportunity to work directly with the children alongside our experienced teachers. Central to our philosophy of early childhood education, and overwhelmingly supported by current research, is the belief that parental education and involvement play crucial roles in assuring a child’s success, both in school and in life. Parents bring a unique understanding of their children to the classroom, and with this knowledge, teachers and parents can work together to create learning experiences that meet the needs of each child."

These excerpts from our Member Handbook highlight the important role that Parent Education plays at our school.  We believe that building the knowledge of parents also enhances the lives of children.  Parent education is built into the fabric of life at the Co-op.  All parents that are new to the co-op must participate in a 6 week parent education course that covers topics of child development, discipline, classroom management, and support for families.  In addition, each of our monthly member meetings has a dedicating spot to furthering parent education in these fields.  These enrichment opportunities change from year to year.    Finally, parenting seminars are available for parents that need a refresh or have children in a new stage of development.  

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