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Meet the Teachers



Director & 2's Teacher

My name is Bonnie Toth.  I am honored to serve as our school’s 2’s teacher and director.  I am a mommy to three amazing kiddos, wife to a very long-suffering husband, and teacher to adults and children alike. I am passionate about early childhood education.  I am also committed to being a life-long learner and frequently attend conferences and classes related to early childhood.  I hold a Bachelor's in Secondary Education, with an emphasis on Biological Sciences and a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction.
I believe that all people learn best when given a safe space, time, and support to grow. I am a Las Vegas native and enjoy all that our city and surrounding areas have to offer.  My family and I love camping, hiking, and all things outdoors!
I am excited to play, learn, and grow with you and your families!

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3's & Enrichment Teacher

Hello! I am Travis Schwantes and it is my privilege to be the 3's Teacher at Kids' Co-op.  My family, my incredible daughter and wonderful wife, mean the world to me.  I am flexible, patient, and creative and I excel at making others laugh, building kids' confidence and changing my approach to meet the different needs of different kids. I have a Bachelor of the Arts degree, I am fluent in Spanish and I am a lifelong learner.  My most passionate areas of interest are linguistics, language acquisition, and early childhood. My lifelong desire to work with children stems from my life experiences including being an older brother, a volunteer coach of youth sports, a substitute teacher, a father and an involved parent at the Co-op. I enjoy everything about the process of watching, teaching, and helping children. Their wonder-filled eyes and minds are meant to be shaped and aided and for me there is nothing more rewarding than doing just that.
About me:  I love spending time with my family!  We love to swim, travel, play and laugh together.  Personally, I love computer games, reading and watching all manner of fantasy, snowboarding and animals (we have five fur babies).  From embracing diversity to ethical veganism to gentle parenting, I strive to live my life with love, compassion and empathy.
The Co-op is a very special place for me and my family and I am super stoked to share this amazing experience with you and yours!

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2's/3's Teacher

Hello, my name is Yasmin Rojas and I’m excited to join the co-op as the new 2’s teacher.  I have 3 boys of my own, and I am a Grandma to two boys as well.  I also have 5 little pugs!   I have been working with kids for more than 14 years. Most of my experience is with toddlers and preschool aged children.  Teaching is my passion.  I love art and music.  I especially like painting with acrylics.  I speak Spanish and I’m excited to be able to share it with the kids in our class.  I love to be outdoors- nature is one of my favorite places to be. 

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3/4's Multiage Teacher

I am Nicole Walters and I am honored to be the multiage teacher. My family began our co-op journey in 2022 when my daughter was in the multiage classroom. I believe, of all age groups, early childhood experiences have the most significant impact on long-term development, and the home/school connections that the co-op develops are uniquely special.
My husband and I have 3 amazing children. My husband is in the Air Force, which has given our family the opportunity to explore areas all across the U.S. We enjoy doing family game nights and spending time outdoors hiking and biking, but spend most of our time at the baseballs fields volunteeing for our local Little League and cheering on our kiddos. I hold a Bachelor's in Elementary Education and have previously taught preschool in Nebraska.



4's Teacher

Hello! My name is Avienne Fire and I am honored to be the 4's teacher. My family
joined the Co-op in 2021 and immediately fell in love with the philosophies and
community. I have been a parent, board member, and now a teacher at the
Co-op. I taught dance for 12 years and worked as a teacher's assistant for 5
years. I feel very privileged to be able to combine my passion for teaching and
gentle parenting.

About me: I absolutely love my family and being a mother. I have two daughters
and a wonderful husband. I enjoy museums, the performing arts, and dance
parties with my kids. I taught many dance styles for many years, but my favorite
was ballet.

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Office Manager

Hi, my name is Vicky Thompson and I am the office manager at Kids’ Co-op.  I am an NAU graduate with a degree in business.  My husband Curt and I have been married for over 30 years and our son Matt was a Co-op kid.

I have been a part of Kids’ Co-op since 2000.  I started my Co-op journey as a parent serving as classroom coordinator and I was fundraising chair on the board of directors.  I taught the 2’s for several years and subbed numerous times in the 3’s and 4’s classrooms.

It is a privilege to be able to work with an amazing group of teachers and I enjoy working with the parents in their many roles at the Co-op.  I love seeing the joy on the children’s faces when they experience the mud bog for the first time or getting messy with goop.  I have been known to spontaneously join a circle or sit with the kids at snack.  And I love to give lots of hugs! The Co-op is an amazing place and I hope that you can begin your child’s education journey with us and experience the Co-op magic. 

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