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Introducing Kids' Co-op Blog

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

This is a repost from the original Kids' Co-op Blog in 2015. With the update of our website, this post is a welcome message to our co-op families and readers. Look out for more throwback blog posts coming soon.

Welcome to the Kids’ Cooperative blog and our first blog post! With the new school year, new membership, and new board of directors comes evolving changes to our operations and communication style. We want to use this space to communicate with our current membership, alumni, family and friends, the Las Vegas community, and the larger audience on the web as we grow, expand, and share our views on early childhood play-based education, parenting challenges, and current happenings at the school.

In the past we have done physical newsletters which turned into digital newsletters, and now we feel it is time to communicate in a little different manner…a blog.

This is a place where current and interested families, alumni, and friends can learn about the co-op way, teaching practices, learning opportunities, current goings-on, and ways to be involved.

We will post weekly about school activities, projects, and fundraisers, share research that is intriguing and supports our model of teaching, and explain just what that is doing for the development of the Whole Child: physical, emotional, social, and cognitive. We want our readership to understand what Co-op life is like for the families involved as well as the children, and what a play-based, child-centered curriculum looks like in the classroom and even at home. One of our goals as a school is to provide value and service to our community.

Sharing our voices and interests in these topics is one way we feel we can reach out beyond our walls to effect, influence, and touch hearts far and wide.

Our teachers will share their favorite tips on dealing with the developmental “demands” of the early childhood years. They will indulge us with research that interests them and how it effects how they teach and communicate with our children or how we can incorporate important topics into our daily lives.

The Co-op staff will teach us all how learning really is child’s play so we can see the value in our children’s natural exploration of the world around them.

We will share what other cooperative preschools and play-based schools are doing and what ideas they have for enhancing a child’s creativity. As a Love and Logic™ school, we will have a look inside the course that our membership takes, share tips from the mothership, and provide anecdotal pieces on our journeys. We feel that sharing our world and passions, even if it’s simply “check out what a wonderful art project this is!” or “our collection of favorite outdoor play spaces” can inspire others and should be shared.

You’ll see the world through the eyes and hearts of the Kids’ Cooperative staff and membership, and you’ll love it.

If you like what you read, we will invite you to share with friends on social media, provide comments, and engage with us! Tell us what you would like to see on our blog. We thank you in advance for reading our posts and look forward to this inaugural year of the Kids’ Co-op Blog. Here’s to PLAY!

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