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Questions? Concerns? Not sure who to ask?


Ask a Teacher or Director of Curriculum about:

  • Your child or other children at school

  • Your child's daily program

  • Scheduling a parent-teacher conference at any time to talk through any concerns you may have

  • Parent workshops

Ask the Board President about:

  • The general functioning of the school

  • Projects or improvements you would like to initiate or suggest

Ask the Vice President about:

  • Your cleaning responsibilities

  • Any skills or services you would like to contribute (i.e. carpentry, painting, etc.)

  • A needed repair

  • Suggestions for improvements

  • Committee positions and assignments

Ask the Treasurer about:

  • Questions regarding fees and tuition

  • Profit & Loss Statements

Ask the Fundraising Chair about:

  • Fundraising opportunities and ideas

  • Your fundraising obligations

  • Suggestions or contacts for donations

Ask the Publicity Chair about:

  • The website or newsletter

  • Public relations or marketing ideas

  • Speaking engagements for our staff

Ask the School Administrator about:

  • General questions (examples: invoicing, monthly tuition and fees, key fobs, paperwork, vaccination policies, illness, etc.)

Ask your Class Coordinator about:

  • The scheduling of your workday

  • Special classroom activities

  • Business meetings and other participation requirements

See our Bylaws here for more information!  

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